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leyu乐鱼娱乐 - 乐鱼游戏APP下载—中考英语重点单词专项训练(B)

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本文摘要:B一. 写出这些单词的汉语意义。



B一. 写出这些单词的汉语意义。1. baby ____________2. bathroom ________3. become__________4. bedroom __________5. been ___________6. bell _____________7. besides ________8. bought __________9. brave __________10. break __________11. bright __________12. brought _________13. building____________二. 按要求写出下列词汇的变化形式。1. baby __________(复数形式)2. bathroom ___________(复数形式)3. became ________(动词原形)4. bedroom ___________(复数形式)5. been_______(一般现在时形式)_________(已往式)________(原形)6. bell_______(复数形式)7. bought ____________(动词原形)8. break _________(动词已往式)__________(动词已往分词)9. brought________(动词原形)10. building __________(复数形式)三. 凭据句意,用所给词汇的正确形式填空。


1. ______ (baby) are needed to take care of because they are too young.2. Tom has a big house with two _________ (bathroom)and three _______ (bedroom).3. Jim__________ (become) a teacher when he left college.4. Students _____________(be) running for about three hours.5. The _______ (bell) rings. It’s time for class. Let’s go to the classroom.6. He has many history books ________(beside) English books.7. My mum _________(buy) a computer last week.8. The boy called Yang Yang was very _______(brave) and he saved a few people’s lives after the earthquake.9. Mr. Smith wanted to find out who _______(break) the window.10. Our classroom is _______(brightly) and clean.11. Li ping _________ (bring) his photos to the school yesterday.12. Now there are more and more high _________(build) in our city.四. 凭据漫笔意思及首字母(或汉语意义),写出合乎句意的单词。Mr. Green ___1____(成为) an office worker after he left college. Now he works in the city. He ____2__(买) a house in the country two years ago. His house is very big and it has five _____3___(卧室), two ____4___(浴室) and a large garden. Mr. Breen thinks that the air in the country is clean and he can enjoy the ____5___(明亮的)sun on weekends. He thinks there are no high ___6___(修建物)here and there. So no pollution and noise can be ___7____(带来)His wife, Mrs. Green doesn’t work now. She has ____8____(是)babysitting her ___9____(小孩)at home. Of course, ____10___(除……之外)babysitting , Mrs. Green does housework and ____11____(购置) everything for their family.参考谜底B一. 1. 婴儿、小孩;2. 浴室;3. 成为、变得;4. 卧室、寝室;5. 是;6. 钟、铃、门铃;7. 而且、除……之外;8. 买;9. 勇敢的;10. 打破、违背;11. 明亮的、发亮的;12. 带来;13. 修建物、楼房二. 1. babies; 2. bathrooms; 3. become; 4. bedrooms; 5. am/is/are; was/were; be; 6. bells; 7. buy; 8. broke; broken; 9. bring; 10. buildings三. 1. Babies, 2. bathrooms, bedrooms; 3. became; 4. have been ; 5. bell; 6. besides; 7. bought; 8.brave; 9. broke; 10. bright; 11. brought; 12. buildings四. 1. became; 2. bought; 3. bedrooms; 4. bathrooms; 5. bright; 6. buildings; 7. brought; 8. has been; 9. baby; 10. besides; 11. buys。